Beat the Dealer: Finally A Series of Simple Tips That Work

The publication of the great Beat The Dealer completely upset the history of blackjack, since it is following the elements developed in this book that the legendary card game has evolved into the one we know today. So how could a simple book totally change the fate of the most popular game in casinos? We share with you all the secrets of this legendary book in this article.

Biography: we briefly present the life of the author of the great book Beat The Dealer

Edward Thorp was born August 14, 1932 in Chicago. After obtaining his doctorate from the University of California, he became professor of mathematics at various universities in the United States. Edward Thorp is widely known in the blackjack world, being the author of the famous Beat the Dealer, “Battre le croupier” in French. Its publication caused a huge earthquake in land-based casinos, as Thorp developed there an absolutely foolproof strategy to multiply players’ winnings. Through his research, Thorp demonstrated to the world that blackjack was not just a game of chance.

Around the book: What will Beat The Dealer blackjack teach you and how your game will evolve?

In 1962, Edward Thorp published the book Beat the Dealer. As briefly explained above, the author developed a revolutionary technique there, which delighted blackjack players all over the world. Indeed, Thorp greatly increased the advantage of the players in the game, by developing card counting techniques based on ingenious mathematical calculations. The strategies of this genius quickly proved their worth, forcing land-based casinos to change the rules of the game in order to maintain an advantage. They have, for example, increased the number of decks of cards in the shoe and introduced automatic card shufflers in order to interfere with the calculations of the players during the game.

In 240 pages, Beat The Dealer in French offers to discover the rules of blackjack, to familiarize themselves with the basic strategy and to master various techniques of counting very complete and perfectly detailed cards.

Our opinion: here is what we thought after reading Beat The Dealer in French

Between 1962 and 2015, the rules of blackjack changed somewhat and some Thorp strategies are no longer usable in the current table game. Nevertheless, we strongly recommend that you read this book which will provide you with essential elements to improve your game. In addition, throughout the book, Edward Thorp provides his readers with many anecdotes about blackjack. In addition to teaching you various strategies, this book will greatly increase your knowledge of the game.

You can easily find this book on for the modest sum of € 11.70. In 1994, Beat The Dealer blackjack was translated into French by François Montmirel. Unfortunately, this version is no longer published today, so you will need to master the language of Shakespeare to be able to take advantage of Thorp’s brilliant strategies.